Name: Kahunaville 1996 Year Made: 1996
Arcade: Kahunaville City: Various
State: Various Country: USA
Category: Arcade Token
Search Tags: David Tuttleman Pocket Change Closed Chain

Kahunaville was started by David Tuttleman in 1993 when he purchased a warehouse on the shore of the Christina River and converted it to a Nightclub. By 2000 Tuttleman's Adventure Dining Inc. had 7 locations, each with a Hawaiian theme complete with animatronic turtles and waterfalls.1 Each location also contained an arcade operated by Pocket Change America Inc. until the end of 2000 when most of Pocket Change was acquired by Namco2, 3 In April 2008 a fire destroyed the original location and was later turned into a children's museum.4 The last location, inside Treasure Island Las Vegas, closed in February 2016.5

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