Name: Bullwinkles Year Made: Unknown
Arcade: Bullwinkle Family Food 'N Fun City: Various
State: Various Country: Various
Category: Arcade Token
Search Tags: 1982 Family Fun Center Open Chain

Bullwinkle Family Food 'N Fun opened its first location in Santa Clara, CA on June 14, 1982. 1More locations were planed all over the world including Singapore and Hong Kong.1 Each location contained arcade machines, a computerized water show and animated versions of children's cartoon characters including Bullwinkle the Moose, Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Dudley Do-Right.1 In April of 1991 Family Fun Center purchased the rights for Bullwinkle Family Food 'N Fun from Bullwinkle’s Incorporated. 2 By 1999 Bullwinkle's operated restaurants in California, New York, South Carolina, and North Carolina.3 Each restaurant served burgers, chicken, pizza and ribs while entertaining guests with the animatronics show called "Moosetronic adventure".3 As of June 2016 there are only 3 locations listed on Family Fun Center's Website, all located in Oregon and Washington. 2

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