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In 1986 Scott and Juli Demerau opened their a miniature golf course, called Mountasia, in Mobile, Alabama. Within three months they were already planning 2 more locations.1,2 In November 1993 MOUNTASIA ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL INC wend public on the Nasdaq’s national market system. Visitors to Mountasia would pay for each attraction. Attractions included miniature golf, bumper boats, go-cart race tracks, batting cages, video games and indoor rollerblading rinks.1,2,3 Mountasia continued to grow repeatedly over the years. By June 1994 the company had 26 parks across the US.2 By May of 1995 they owned 44 locations across the USA.1 Then over the following year they would added 9 more locations.3

On March 15, 1995, Scott Demerau resigned as director and was no longer a controlling shareholder of MOUNTASIA ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL INC.4 Mr.Demerau stepping down was a signal for the decline of the company. On November 14, 1996 all of Mountasia's outstanding common stock was purchased by MEI Holdings, L.P. In the SEC filing they announced that they will have a loss in profits for 1996 but are hopeful that the new management will be able to turn it around.5 In March 1997 MOUNTASIA ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL INC. changed its name to MALIBU ENTERTAINMENT WORLDWIDE INC.6 By March 27, 1998, the company only operated 29 locations in 10 states, with one of those locations up for sale.7 Then by March 31, 200 the company reported having 18 locations in 8 states remaining and employing 1025 persons.8 On January 24, 2002 MALIBU ENTERTAINMENT WORLDWIDE INC filed for Securities registration termination, and was removed from Nasdaq’s national market system.9

Malibu entertainment sold or closed all of its properties slowly over its long fall. Because of this we could not find what happened to every locations but here are some we did find.
  • Based on what I could find. The Putting Place in Mobile, Alabama may be the first Mountasia Family Fun Center.
  • Mountasia Family Fun Center North Richland Hills, TX was purchased by CNL INCOME PROPERTIES, INC. from Trancas Capital, LLC (Zuma Holdings, LLC) October 6, 2006.10, 11 It is still open as of Jan 19 2019. Mountasia's Texas Home Page
  • Mountasia Family Fun Center Houston, TX was purchased by Apex Parks on September 2014. It was reopened as Boomers! Houston on June 5, 2015.12 It is still open as of Jan 19 2019. Boomers! Houston
  • Mountasia's Santa Clarita, CA is still open as of Jan 19 2019.
  • Mountasia's Marietta, GA is still open as of Jan 19 2019 and owned by Palace Entertainment.

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