Name: Bagatelle Place VIP Year Made: Unknown
Arcade: Bagatelle Place City: Rye Brook
State: New York Country: USA
Category: Arcade Token
Search Tags: Tico Bonomo Time-Out Closed Single

Bagatelle Place was a formal arcade with 33 video games, a cappuccino machine, and a strict dress code located in the Rye Town Hilton (now the Hilton Westchester). Tico Bonomo ,owner of Time-Out, opened the Bagatelle Place in hopes that the location would be a beginning to saving the public image of video game arcades and make them more inviting. He would appoint George McAuliffe as head.1, 3 In 1981 the New York times called the Bagatelle Place, "... a soundproof arcade of electronic games, disco music and television."2

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