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Nolan Bushnell, after selling Atari to Warner Communications in 1976, opened the first Pizza Time Theater in San Jose, California in May 1977. It was an arcade no one had ever seen before, combining pizza, video games, and entertainment for the whole family. 1, 2 He saw how much money arcades were making off Atari video games and wanted in on the action. His original idea was to create a big arcade and use food as a support to keep people playing the video games. He chose pizza because it was simple.3 For entertainment Bushnell looked into animatronics. The original animatronic show was very different from today. The original had the characters in a large showroom, hanging out of portrait frames on various walls and corners of the room. The original location also contained over 100 video games and pinball machines. 1

Pizza Time Theater became a publicly traded company in 1981. In 1983 with the video game crash, Pizza Time Theater begins to see sales fall. In 1984 Bushnell resigns as chairman and shortly after Pizza Time theater files Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At this time, competitor Show Biz Pizza begins to buy what is left of Pizza Time Theater and merges with Pizza Time Theater completely by 1985, creating ShowBiz Pizza Time Inc. In 1985 there were 359 stores (207 ShowBiz Pizza, 152 Pizza Time Theater). By 1992 all stores have been unified and renamed Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza. In 1998 the company changes its name from ShowBiz Pizza Time Inc. to Chuck E. Cheese Entertainment Inc. Then in 1999 Chuck E. Cheese Entertainment Inc. purchases competitor Discovery Zone.2 In 2014 CEC Entertainment Inc acquired Peter Piper Pizza from ACON Investments.4 By 2016 there are 592 Chuck E. Cheese's locations around the world. 5 In October 2016 Chuck E. Cheese's announced that they would be phasing out tokens in favor of rewards cards. 6

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