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The 49th Street Galleria had two locations in the USA. One was located in Murray, Utah and another in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Utah location was a massive amusement center located in a 154,000 square-foot building next to freeway I-15 in Murray, Utah.1, 2, 3 Opening in 1983, The massive building contained an arcade, a bowling alley, a miniature golf course, amusement rides, roller skating, batting cages, and food. Entrance into the building was free but visitors had to pay for the activities. Laser tag was added later when it was renamed to the utah fun dome.2, 4, 5

In 2003 attendance to the Utah Fun Dome began to fall after a shooting occurred in the parking lot between gang members. Seventeen shots were fired. At least four people were shot including a four year old boy.2, 6 By April 2005, the Utah Fun center had closed. The Grand Buffet had opened where the go kart track used to be and plans were being made to open 4 more restaurants inside the building. Today the building is occupied by the American International School of Utah. The iconic towers were torn down but many of the inside decorations from the 49th Street Galleria are still in place.2, 4

The Philadelphia location opened in Franklin Mills mall.7The 49th Street Galleria was where Burlington Coat Factory is today.8 In 2014 Franklin Mills Mall was renovated and renamed Philadelphia Mills.9

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