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In 1977 Dave Corriveau opened a billiard and game house called Slick Willy's World of Entertainment in Little Rock, Arkansas. Shortly after James "Buster" Corley opened his restaurant Buster's next door. The two became friends and started to notice a lot of people were going back and forth between their two businesses. So in December 1982, the two opened the first Dave and Buster's in a 40,000 square-foot warehouse in Dallas, TX. They decided whose name would be first by a coin flip.1, 3, 5 The first location cost $3 million. Guests played pool, cashless blackjack, and arcade games, while drinking and eating. In 1988 they opened their second location also in Dallas, Texas. In 1989 Carriveau and Corley entered into a deal with Edison Brothers Stores, Inc giving Edison Brothers 80% of the stock in the company. In 1991,they opened their third location, in Houston. Followed by new locations in Atlanta in 1992, Philadelphia in 1994 and Chicago in 1996. By this time each Dave and Buster's cost $10 million to open. Edison Brothers Stores, Inc spun off the company and made it public in 1995. In 1997 the company moved to recharge cards for all its games and revenue went up 10%.5 Dave and Busters continued to grow. In 2004 Dave and Busters acquired nine Jillians Locations.2 On Feb. 7, 2015 Dave Corriveau passed away at 63 years old.4 Today there are over 110 locations throughout the USA and Canada.1 Dave and Busters now uses recharge cards for most of their arcade machines, however arcade tokens are still used in coin pushers.

*This token was collected by Josh and Karin Swope in 2016 from Dave and Buster's in Concord, NC.

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