Name: Today Vender Year Made: 1926
Arcade: O.D. Jennings & CO. City: Chicago
State: Illinois Country: USA
Category: Slot Token
Search Tags: 1926 Ode Jennings Industry Novelty Co Hershey Manufacturing Bell-O-Matic TJM Corporation All Quality Confection Closed Manufacturer

In 1906 Ode Jennings founded the Industry Novelty Co Inc whose business was refurbishing coin operated machines. By 1923 He had changed the company name to O.D.Jennings & Co. In November 1926 the company released the Today Vender slot machine. In order to get around gambling laws the slot machine dispensed vended rolls of All Quality Confection mints instead of money. By 1936 the company was making a large range of slot machines in different styles, including a popular payout pin table called the Sportsman. Ode Jennings died on 29th November 1953 at the age of 79. 1,2

O.D.Jennings & Co was merged with the Hershey Manufacturing Co in 1957 and by the early 1960s sold 45% of the slot machines in the USA. However, by the mid 1960s sales were falling due to laws banning slot machines. The American Machine and Science Company acquired O.D. Jennings & Company and Bell-O-Matic Corporation, another slot machine manufacture. the two companies were merged to form the TJM Corporation. TJM was unable to compete successfully with the electro/mechanical models produced by Bally and suffered from a lack of intellectual property rights in Japan. The company eventually closed its doors in the 1980s.1,3

O.D.Jennings & Co Address:1
4309 Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60624

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