Name: Malibu Money Year Made: Unknown
Arcade: Malibu Castle and Showboat City: Industry
State: California Country: USA
Category: Arcade Token
Address: 17871 Castleton St, City of Industry, CA 91748
Search Tags: MALIBU ENTERTAINMENT WORLDWIDE INC Showboat Malibu Grand Prix Roadrunner Speedway Speed Zone Open Chain

Originally Malibu Castle and Showboat were two different businesses. The Showboat was an arcade and next door the Malibu Grand Prix was built. Sometime after 1991 the two merged to become Malibu Castle and Showboat. Then the complex was renamed to Roadrunner Speedway. Then finally it became the Speed Zone, which it is currently named today.1, 2

In 2005 speed zone was a filming location for the Kevin Smith Movie Clerks II, as the go kart track that Randal and Dante go to.3

In September 2014 Speed Zone Los Angeles, and 14 other parks were purchased by Broad Sky Partners and The Edgewater Funds to form Apex Parks Group.4

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