Name: The House on the Rock: Alex Jordan Year Made: Unknown
Arcade: The House on the Rock City: Spring Green
State: Wisconsin Country: USA
Category: Misc. Token
Search Tags: 1959 Alex Jordan Art Donaldson Open Single

In the 1945 Alex Jordan began building his weekend retreat on Deer Shelter Rock in Spring Green, WI.1, 2 He filled the house with his personal collection of rare antiques and personal creations. In 1959 the house was opened to the public.2 The original house with 14 rooms grew into a complex of buildings, exhibits and garden displays.1 In December 1988 Alex sold the house to Art Donaldson, but remained the Artistic Director, of the House on the Rock, until his death on November 6, 1989.1

Today the House on the Rock is still open to the public. Patrons embark on a self guided tour thru three separate sections of the house.2 Tokens are used in the over 40, air powered, music machines or redeemed in the gift shops or food outlets.2, 3, 4

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"One of my earliest memories as a child is going to The House on the Rock when I was around 5 years old. I remember being amazed by the carousel and putting a token the music box. The place seemed magical." - Josh

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